New 学生就业 Hiring Process

We are excited you’re interested in working on campus! 有很多原因 benefits to working as a student employee while attending MVCC, including to offset the cost of higher education and to obtain valuable experience, which can help build 你的简历. We offer our students a variety of employment opportunities at the College and look forward to working with you to find the right fit.

On-campus jobs for Fall 2023 will be posted starting on Aug. 21, 2023.


  1. Determine if you’re applying for 工作研究 or student assistant positions.
  2. 通过网上申请工作 握手.
  3. Interview with hiring supervisors for jobs.
  4. If hired, attend new student employee orientation (register on 握手).
  5. If hired, complete hiring paperwork with the Human Resources department.
  6. 开始工作!

(Be sure to establish your schedule with your supervisor, be a reliable employee, and complete your timesheets each pay period.)



是的. Many offices and departments at MVCC employ students, including 体育运动, Human Resources, 宝博体育官网, Information Technology, the Learning Commons, and the Library. There are many opportunities to find employment in an area you are interested in.

Positions will be available on the 学生就业 webpage beginning Aug. 21, 2023. You can browse and apply for current openings at 请随意使用它 指南 to limit your search for on-campus jobs only.
For their first pay period, all student employees must fill out a paper timesheet and submit it to the Payroll Office. Once your paperwork has been processed by Human Resources, you will be able to complete an electronic timesheet in Banner. 
Students employed by MVCC are limited to a maximum of 20 hours per week. 然而, most students spend between five and 10 hours per week at their job. 学生应该 evaluate their work schedule based on their individual situation. 对一些学生来说, earning a paycheck is a high priority while other students may find their academic obligations leave little time for anything but studying.
If you have previously worked at MVCC, you do not need to attend another New Student 员工的培训. You will need to apply for the position 再一次。, and then visit Human Resources after applying and speaking with your supervisor to make any changes to your information (taxes, direct deposit, address, etc.).
Once you have been offered a position on campus, you will need to attend a Student Employment Orientation to review expectations and to review required employment paperwork. After the orientation, you will receive an email with employment forms to complete. Once you have completed the electronic forms, you will need to bring the proper forms of identification needed for the I-9 (Employment Verification) Form to the Human Resources 办公室(PH349). There someone will verify that your online forms are complete and filled out correctly and will take copies of your IDs. 你不能开始工作 until Human Resources has receive all of the necessary paperwork.
The Federal Work Study Program allows students with financial need to work part-time on campus to earn money to help pay for educational expenses. 该项目鼓励 work related to your course of study with a flexible schedule, allowing students to 关注他们的教育. Students interested in Federal Work Study must apply for financial aid and meet all MVCC deadlines. Preference is given to those students who apply and submit all necessary paperwork early. 申请工作学习,完成 the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and indicate your interest in 工作研究. For more information on the Federal Work-Study Program, please visit our 资助网页.
All student employees, excluding those who work as a lifeguard, are compensated the current New York State minimum wage: $14.20 per hour for 2023 and $15 for 2024.

All employees are required to complete the Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) form to verify that they are able to work in the United States. 为了完成 the I-9 form, all new hires are required to provide original and unexpired forms of identification to the Human Resources Office at MVCC.

For a list of acceptable forms of identification please visit www.美国入籍与移民服务局.gov / i - 9.

The more students work, the more income they receive, which could reduce overall eligibility 申请经济援助. In most cases, however, students earn far more by working then 他们将“失去”经济援助.